Which Mint use?

Yes, Ubuntu has gone. Get out of my way, Ubuntu! I don’t need you anymore! Yes, it’s true.

What the hell are you using now? And what can I use?

Well, it’s a great question, which has a different question each week. But I’m proud to be again, after being all August on it, on Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon, as I told you before. But when I told it to you, I was using Kubuntu, which is lovely. I like it, it’s a good KDE distribution, it lets me work. Maybe Mint KDE is equal or better, I don’t know, but I’m interested to stay on Kubuntu at the moment for KDE 4.9.

But the important thing is Linux Mint. I use Cinnamon, I love it, as I love GNOME 3. I had to disable the window effects, more because I don’t like them than otherwise, but without effects, all is faster as hell. In Kubuntu I can use effects and there isn’t so much lag.

Linux Mint is easy, but I don’t recommend it because of this. I recommend it because of you can work with it, you can be productive. Exactly as with KDE. It’s a personal decision, IMO, Kubuntu/Mint KDE or Mint Cinnamon/MATE. Of course, use MATE if you have a low-end computer. I should use it, I think, but I preffer using the updated, GNOME 3 and GTK3 Cinnamon. Deciding between Kubuntu and Mint KDE is more difficult. I found Mint 13 KDE faster than Kubuntu, although I think that if I use propietary drivers with both of them, my system is slower. But, with Kubuntu 12.10, all those stupid Akonadi errors disappeared. It’s good! Of course, you can solve them in Mint. I’ll stay on Kubuntu and, if it crashes a lot or it’s very laggy (Mint KDE didn’t crash never) I can switch to Mint KDE.

The other brother of Mint is LMDE, which comes in Cinnamon/MATE and XFCE flavours. It’s great, I’m trying it on a VM. It’s semi-rolling release, it’s based on Debian Testing (wheezy), which is frozen now, and it’s rock solid and stable as Debian itself, but easier, and for everyone.

So, you have to decide. If you have dual boot, try both of them. If you like them both, don’t start switching and switching, just stay with them -it’s my personal advice! I’m addicted to switch, and I’m fighting for staying somewhere!

Another distro I like is Fedora, which will come to me if I start hating Kubuntu/Mint KDE or Mint Cinnamon/MATE/LMDE.


BTW: I customized Cinnamon like a Mac, with fonts and all, exactly as with Ubuntu, but faster and without crashes 😛


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