Kubuntu and Mint

Hi all!

Finally, I dropped Ubuntu. I wanted space to test some KDE-based distro like Kubuntu, plus I don’t like 12.10. I preffer 12.04 too much, but I think I won’t need it anymore.


I used Linux Mint KDE for a while, and I liked it. No freezes or stupid buggs. But Kubuntu 12.10 has been updated, and, opposite to the main Ubuntu, it’s better than before! First of all, we don’t have more Akonadi errors while using Kontact or other social apps. It has KDE 4.9, and it’s, in my opinion, rock solid. Of course, some people says Kubuntu is crap and buggy, but I see it stable. If it starts to crash, I’ll switch to Mint KDE, because my experience tells me it’s rock solid also!

I recommend Kubuntu to everybody, but it hasn’t Ubuntu’s software center. While I don’t use it, it has Muon, wich isn’t great as Ubuntu’s Software Center.

Mint Cinnamon

Mint Cinnamon is perfect. You can just work with it, like KDE. You won’t see neither crashes nor freezes. It’s stable, but if you want the most stable rock solid thing of the whole world, then just download the MATE edition. There’s also the LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) which is based on Debian instead of Ubuntu, what’s good to hear. Maybe I’ll install it someday, but at the moment, I’ll try it on VBox.


I want to use Fedora again, but I’m confortable with all the things i have. So I decided to review things here. I’ll start with Arch, I’ve been playing with it for a while. I also have plans to review LMDE and other distros, so stay tunned for more interesting linux things!


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