New icon and avatar for Bousie! – GIMP

Hi all!

I just worked a bit with GIMP 2.6, before of upgrading to 2.8 (ubuntu/mint repositories hasn’t upgraded yet, so you have to install it via the PPA), and did a basic icon/gravatar for the blog. If, in the future, someone wants to blog here, he’ll can use this icon!

And, after upgrading to GIMP 2.8, I can say… Upgrade, upgrade! It has the Single-Window mode, wich makes you free from the multiple windows hell. Also, you can group layers, and the sliders for the settings are now more intuitive.

I tested it on Linux Mint 13 KDE, so it can be a bit different in other DEs such as Unity/Gnome or XFCE.

I hope you all upgrade, specially for the single-window mode, because i hate multiple windows an usually switched to windows for using photoshop.

Greetings from Bousie


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