So it starts here…

Yes, here I start! I hope to write a lot here, and tell you a lot of things. Sorry for my english at all, it’s not the best english in the world, but I’m sure that you’ll understand me.

Let’s start watching the panorama here.

Politicaly. Well, Obama is doing more campaign, what is good. Here in Spain the catalans (I’m catalan) want the independency, because the September 11st there was a big big (~1 million people) manifestation at Barcelona, for celebrating the national day of Catalonia. In the end, the 90% of the people was there for manifestating their independentist feelings. I preffer being neuter about it; being independent has its good things, and of course its bad things.

Techy. October will be a happy month, because Ubuntu 12.10 will be out! I hate Ubuntu now, because Unity is buggy, but I hope that, in 12.10, the fix a lot of crap. I’m actually using Linux Mint 13 with KDE, and also Fedora 17 with Gnome 3 Shell. I love them both, but I don’t know why, if I install the NVIDIA drivers all gets laggy, so I’m working with opensource drivers.

Personaly. School just started, gosh! Today starts my first weekend, I hope the next week will be as this one: relaxed. I love doing things, and learning. Also, I love learning languages, specially English and German.

So, even if there are more panoramas, i’ll just comment those three now. I’ll be back tomorrow, with more things to tell you!

Greetings by Bousie


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