Which Mint use?


Yes, Ubuntu has gone. Get out of my way, Ubuntu! I don’t need you anymore! Yes, it’s true.

What the hell are you using now? And what can I use?

Well, it’s a great question, which has a different question each week. But I’m proud to be again, after being all August on it, on Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon, as I told you before. But when I told it to you, I was using Kubuntu, which is lovely. I like it, it’s a good KDE distribution, it lets me work. Maybe Mint KDE is equal or better, I don’t know, but I’m interested to stay on Kubuntu at the moment for KDE 4.9.

But the important thing is Linux Mint. I use Cinnamon, I love it, as I love GNOME 3. I had to disable the window effects, more because I don’t like them than otherwise, but without effects, all is faster as hell. In Kubuntu I can use effects and there isn’t so much lag.

Linux Mint is easy, but I don’t recommend it because of this. I recommend it because of you can work with it, you can be productive. Exactly as with KDE. It’s a personal decision, IMO, Kubuntu/Mint KDE or Mint Cinnamon/MATE. Of course, use MATE if you have a low-end computer. I should use it, I think, but I preffer using the updated, GNOME 3 and GTK3 Cinnamon. Deciding between Kubuntu and Mint KDE is more difficult. I found Mint 13 KDE faster than Kubuntu, although I think that if I use propietary drivers with both of them, my system is slower. But, with Kubuntu 12.10, all those stupid Akonadi errors disappeared. It’s good! Of course, you can solve them in Mint. I’ll stay on Kubuntu and, if it crashes a lot or it’s very laggy (Mint KDE didn’t crash never) I can switch to Mint KDE.

The other brother of Mint is LMDE, which comes in Cinnamon/MATE and XFCE flavours. It’s great, I’m trying it on a VM. It’s semi-rolling release, it’s based on Debian Testing (wheezy), which is frozen now, and it’s rock solid and stable as Debian itself, but easier, and for everyone.

So, you have to decide. If you have dual boot, try both of them. If you like them both, don’t start switching and switching, just stay with them -it’s my personal advice! I’m addicted to switch, and I’m fighting for staying somewhere!

Another distro I like is Fedora, which will come to me if I start hating Kubuntu/Mint KDE or Mint Cinnamon/MATE/LMDE.


BTW: I customized Cinnamon like a Mac, with fonts and all, exactly as with Ubuntu, but faster and without crashes 😛


Kubuntu and Mint


Hi all!

Finally, I dropped Ubuntu. I wanted space to test some KDE-based distro like Kubuntu, plus I don’t like 12.10. I preffer 12.04 too much, but I think I won’t need it anymore.


I used Linux Mint KDE for a while, and I liked it. No freezes or stupid buggs. But Kubuntu 12.10 has been updated, and, opposite to the main Ubuntu, it’s better than before! First of all, we don’t have more Akonadi errors while using Kontact or other social apps. It has KDE 4.9, and it’s, in my opinion, rock solid. Of course, some people says Kubuntu is crap and buggy, but I see it stable. If it starts to crash, I’ll switch to Mint KDE, because my experience tells me it’s rock solid also!

I recommend Kubuntu to everybody, but it hasn’t Ubuntu’s software center. While I don’t use it, it has Muon, wich isn’t great as Ubuntu’s Software Center.

Mint Cinnamon

Mint Cinnamon is perfect. You can just work with it, like KDE. You won’t see neither crashes nor freezes. It’s stable, but if you want the most stable rock solid thing of the whole world, then just download the MATE edition. There’s also the LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) which is based on Debian instead of Ubuntu, what’s good to hear. Maybe I’ll install it someday, but at the moment, I’ll try it on VBox.


I want to use Fedora again, but I’m confortable with all the things i have. So I decided to review things here. I’ll start with Arch, I’ve been playing with it for a while. I also have plans to review LMDE and other distros, so stay tunned for more interesting linux things!

10 Reasons for choosing Ubuntu instead of Mac OS X


Hi all!

Today I’ll try to explain you why I’m now an Ubuntu enthusiast instead of an… Apple freak. I used to be a very Apple guy, who loved Apple even he hadn’t a Mac. But I still loved it. I used sometimes a friend’s Mac, and I liked it. I used Ubuntu 11.10 and I hated it, because Unity was buggy et all… But now I gave a new opportunity to Ubuntu 12.04 (in seven days we’ll have 12.10 with Unity 6, yay!) and I’m really surprised, so I don’t need Apple-fantasies anymore!

I’ll just try to let you see if Ubuntu is a best choice than Mac for you.

10. Ubuntu Software Center

For start, we have the great Ubuntu’s Software Center. Other package-manager GUIs have nothing to do with Software Center, basically it’s just like the Apple Mac App Store. Well, Mac App Store came after Software Center. Yes, Apple was a pioneer on using App Stores, but Ubuntu has been the first OS (at least that I know) using an App Store. It’s easy to search for software if you know its name, or just navigate in the categories. A lot of software is free, although some software isn’t. But the most used things on Linux (such as Emacs, LibreOffice, GIMP…) are free to use. Nothing that isn’t free on other systems isn’t on Ubuntu!

Software Center

The Software Center (don’t worry about the language, my system is spanish)

9. Customizable

Some people says that Unity isn’t customizable. They aren’t wrong, Unity is less customizable than, in example, KDE or XFCE (XFCE is, in my opinion, the best thing if you want to customizate), but it’s customizable. I have installed a Mac OS X theme, although I preffer the Ubuntu default Ambiance. I also installed some Mac cursors and the Mac fonts. You can see how to do all this stuff here, but I’ll tell you, friend, that the font is Lucida Grande.

You also have lots of apps for customizating and theming. My favourites are MyUnity, wich is an easy-to-use GUI for configuring some Unity settings like themes, window animations, etc, and UbuntuTweaker, wich is the most complete tool. It even has a AppStore! You can configure fonts and to a, in my opinion, better customization. But it may be different for you, just try it -it’s free!

Customizating the font

Just customizating the fonts on Ubuntu Tweak

8. It has Rhythmbox

Yes, it has. Rhythmbox -you’ll say-? Why do I want it? Well, folk. It’s a great media player, if not the best. It’s simple, it doesn’t eat too much memory, it has compatibility with Last.fm and Libre.fm, and access to the Ubuntu One Music Store (the equivalent to iTunes Store). But, read this, you aren’t dreaming: iTunes Store’s Podcasts will be on Rhythmbox in 12.10! Yes, yes! They will! At least, some people says it. If it’s true, it would be great.

Rhythmbox automatically puts all your ~/Music folder’s music into the library, but you can add all the songs you want, and play them in lists, loops, random mode… Also, it’s integrated on the Sound indicator on the Unity panel, so you can close Rhythmbox and the music will keep playing! Also, you’ll see Rhythmbox notifications, and you’ll can Play/Pause/Forward, etc. just in the Sound indicator. Easy, isn’t it?


Rhythmbox playing a song and showing Unity-integration

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Now on twitter!



I’m very proud to be on twitter now. I really didn’t see the utility of that social network, but when I started being interested on supporting Firefox, I found the Army of Awesome, wich is used via Twitter. So, here we are! You can follow me with the username @ddeine, I don’t know If it will be very active or what, but be sure to check it out!

Micro-greetings! 🙂

No more unity-sru!



I just reinstalled Ubuntu, and I’m glad to say you that I don’t need the unity-team/sru PPA for fixing some annoying bugs like the launcher-caption missing bug. As I see, now the unity-sru I used some time ago is no more sru, it has been added to the main updates (now running unity –version gives me 5.16, meanwhile I think that it gave me 5.14 a few weeks ago). Good for them!

It may be because of my configuration, though. I just installed Ubuntu as always and then updated, installed the current-updates driver and the ubuntu restricted package… And I don’t see blue things on Flash videos or anything like that!

So, good for Ubuntu, I hope that 12.10 will fix more bugs (if there are more, I really don’t see them at the moment)!



New daily posts!


Hi all!

I’ve been busy (Bousie) for a lot of time, and I couldn’t really post daily. But keep calm and carry yarn, because you’ll have more nerdy and beauty advices from me soon!

I hope you don’t mind! 😛